Dive into Todd Burrier´s new book: "Leading with heart" - Powerful wisdoms for lasting leadership in network marketing

Discover the skills and principles for developing your leadership potential to create a long term organization. This book will help you be a better leader in all areas of life.

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Quotes from “Leading with heart”

Excuses are credibility killers!

Learn to welcome conflict. Not only is it a natural thing, but it shows that people care.

When the mountain begins to look smaller, the belief it can be climbed grows.

Does it make any sense to sacrifice something to succeed that is so precious that at the moment you lost it, you would gladly trade all of your success to get it back?

Only true leaders will step up when it´s difficult.

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Here you can find Todd Burrier´s and Frank Jester´s books in German and other languages … Nowadays, it is easy to connect and work with people worldwide. Skype, webinars, worldwide shipping, electronic translation tools and of course the social media

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